Thank Goodness for Titus

So on Saturday I dropped off Butler(The post will be coming soon, I promise!). I felt so alone and well...puppy-less. Well I felt that way for about 12 hours and then I picked up Titus. You all remember Titus, he is the puppy of Dee and the one I'm showing at fair. So I picked him up Sunday morning and will have him till Thursday afternoon/evening! He's been such a sweet heart and I've loved having him. He's also been doing great with his training, We're are gonna beat everyone at fair in obedience, true fact :). So today we went to the park to practice/play/take pictures! It was really fun and we met some friends and had a great time! :) It's great to have Titus, I miss Butler and having Titus has helped so much! :)

Enjoy the pictures,
Madison & Titus


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