Quite the day.....

[Miss Spice in her cape]

[An ADORABLE puppy and I]

[Butler in his kennel]

[Butler in his spiffy cape]

[Butler and I]

[The sing picture...as always]

[JOHN, Butler, and I]

[Butler and I]

[Patrick and Butler at Graduation]
For this trip up to CCI in Delaware, OH we left our house at around 12:30pm on Friday. For this trip we had my mother, brother Patrick, and Boyfriend John. We had a good time driving and had Mr. Butler(Of coarse), and Ms. Spice(a friend's pup). Both dogs were AMAZING in the car, they rested and settled down and stayed relatively calm the entire time. I was very pleased. We then took a brief stop at CCI, to take a look which was fun! Off to the hotel we headed off next! We got SO SO lost, oh gosh it was so annoying. When we finally arrived at the hotel we were greeted by none-other-than ANDROS and Barb! What a great time we had over some much needed dinner. It was so very fun to catch up with her and it was a great time, AND Butler did fantastic, always a big plus :) It was around 8:30 when we were done so we headed to our rooms, attempted to swim, watched a movie, and finished the evening with a bit of "Say Yes to the Dress".

The next morning began at a bit before 9. After some primping and prepping we "hurried" Butler then headed to breakfast at the hotel. We then packed up the room and headed to Graduation. We got there just a bit early and got Butler's blue matriculation cape, certificate, flower, and cookie. We sat down ready to watch Graduation. It was very cute, and the dogs seemed to of found perfect matches. CCI did a great job, yet again! From around 1:00-5:00 we wandered around Columbus. We went to lunch, wandered around Polaris mall, and John took some great photos. Back to CCI we headed. Upon walking into the center I was filled with an excitement to turn my dog in. I dropped off all the CCI capes, collars, and tags that I had accumulated over the years, and then took MORE pictures. I then took the big step and told Butler to kennel. He hopped in and I shut the door. ...wanna know something? It wasn't that bad. :) I then found an adorable black LGX to cuddle who's puppy raiser hadn't picked up yet! Boy was he cute, and he left quite a mark of black hair on my white shirt lol :).

We left the kennels and drove home. I enjoyed turn in and dreamed of what my little Butter ball would become, as well as dreamed about when I raised again. Which I hope will be sooner rather than later ;)

-Madison & Titus


  1. Looks like you had a blast. Sorry that I wasn't there. I got to say "hi" to Butler at puppy class on Wednesday. He's a very handsome pup, (even better looking in real life, than in pics). How long will you have Titus?


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