I'm a college girl!!!

Yes Guys, you read that right Madison is now at college. I am attending a college near my house and loving it. My dorm is cozy(codeword: small), but adorable. I share my room with 2 other girls and it's been great! I'm making all sorts of new friends and enjoying all that God is showing me. My classes started last Thursday, I've been doing lots of homework, I'm taking 16.5 credits. What's weird is I'm actually enjoying spending my evenings at the Library. I love the quiet and all the work I'm able to get done. I have a table in the basement back corner that I always sit at. It's my FAVE study spot! :). This morning we had a fire drill which was NOT COOL. Ugh and we failed so we'll be doing it again! YIPPEE :P

Back to studying then sleep!

-Madison! :)


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