4 days....are you Fo Serious?

Woah....in 4 days Butler leaves and I cannot believe it! For the past say......15 months I've been excited for turn in to arrive because it marked a time of change. Butler got to advance and show the world the amazing dog he is and I would get to head off for college and change the world. So it's been exciting looking to the future as turn in approached. Now that it is 4 days away, I'm not excited anymore. I don't want it all to end, I don't want that moment to come when I take off Butler's cape, collar, and leash. Remove his CCI tags and cape and hand them over. The moment when I see the kennel that reads "BUTLER III", no nicknames, nothing. I will tell him one last command before we part ways, "Kennel". He will eagerly hop in, like always and then my obligation...no my pleasure of raising a puppy will be over. He is no longer Madison's puppy Butler. He is Canine Companions for Independence's Advanced Training Dog Butler. My connection with him as my buddy, companion, my partner in crime is over. To tell you the truth it breaks my heart. I don't show it, but deep down it hurts, especially when there will be no new puppy with my name on it to soak up the tears. Ugh...this post is not helping. Prior to Butler's turn in he has been having lots of fun. We've had fun summer days full of the beach, swimming, playing with other CCI pups, training, and cuddles. I'm gonna miss his cuddles. So as Saturday approaches, I hope I can remember why I did this, why I'm pouring my heart into a dog, who is leaving to pour his heart into helping someone else. Who will live his everyday for that person, and make their life independent. Oh yes, that is the reason I raise, I sacrifice my heart, so someone else can have the independence they deserve! :)

-Madison & Butler


  1. Noooo not yet!!

    Love your new blog look!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry. That's so hard knowing that there's not another one on the way. I hope you make it through it ok and...well not happy, but at least together. Good Luck!

  3. you totally made me cry! Good luck Butler and Madison on your new adventures. HUGS!

  4. I have a feeling Butler will make you VERY proud. :)

    I hope you have a great time at college!

  5. Aw- I hope everything goes o.k. on turn in day. That was a very moving post- especially considering Don will be leaving me soon, too!

    Good luck Butler- I think you're going to be a star!

  6. Butler's brother Sherman is being raised in my GDB club- he is such a sweet boy and sounds a lot like Butler!


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