Update: Butler, Andros, Titus

Guess what guys.....*gulp* turn in is getting close...like really close. Only about a month and I'm gonna be putting my baby in his kennel. Sad stuff right there. He is doing pretty well on his training, I've FINALLY figured out a way to help him "work through" his fear episodes. This had lead to him overcoming many fear lately, which is so great :). Butler and I have also spent lots of time working, he does great there. Everyone Oo's and Aah's over how obedient(and cute) he is! I'm very proud of him!

I got an email from Andros's partner! It sounds like he is doing great! She said he has had lots of fun play-dates with other dogs. She also said he is fantastic and such a delight. I'm so proud of him too, he and his partner and the dream for a puppy raiser. He and his partner are also going to be at the August CCI graduation, so I'll get to see them again!! :D

I have been practicing with Titus every week and he is doing great. I love this dog so much, I can't wait to show him at fair this year. It's going to be so nice, I can't wait. He's so sweet and fun!

Also when I go down to CCI in August for Turn in I am going to be bringing CCI puppy SPICE to turn in. I'm excited to have another dog, it will be a fun time!

-Madison & Butler
Sorry there are no pictures!


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