Tomorrow is July 14th......

For most it may seem to be any other day, but to me, tomorrow marks a day. In exactly one month the puppy I have anticipated for, loved, nourished, and poured my time and heart into heads into the world to accomplish bigger and better things. Butler will be Matriculating into Canine Companions for Independence's Advanced Training Program. I've had my silly boy for over a year, and I've guided him along the way, but it is almost the time for him to head back. For us to separate and head down different roads. It is so odd that we have walked side-by-side for so long, and now we will be so far apart. Here are a few of the things I will miss when Butler III goes back to CCI's Advanced Training in one month.
I will miss....
The way he puts his warm head securely on my lap. The way he rolls around on his back after a long day at work. The undivided attention he gives me every time we stop as he is sitting. The happy wiggle and squinting he gives me no matter how long or short I've been gone. The way he loves to carry mail from the mailbox every day when we go on an adventure to get it. His enthusiasm to head out with me no matter where the destination is. His undivided love and cuddling he gives me especially when I'm feeling down. Those big brown eyes looking back at me.


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