It was indeed quite a party!

On June 26th I had my graduation party!! I'm not gonna say it was exactly fun...but it also wasn't bad. It was just kinda "eh". It was a morning grad party and the food was SO SO SO yummy! I also got to see all sorts of people I've known throughout my life. IT was great, I even got to have some CCI puppy raising friends there! Guess what they gave me? A LEASH, and a super cool one too! It is one of those short braided leather ones, they gave it to me because I'm always commenting how much I LOVE my friend Diane's leash like that! Butler was great at the party and meandered around with me most of the time, except for a few breaks he took. Overall it was a great day, that I did enjoy!

Hope you all like the pictures!

[My flowers on the tables, I loved them so much]

[Cake, it was SO pretty and SO yummy and made by CCI puppy raiser Dee!]

[Butler and I as we try to give people directions to the party]


[Butler relaxing prior to the party!]

[My CCI puppy raising friends, L-R: Cheri & Demi, Diane & Pirate, Me & Butler]

[Drinks, I thought this pic was cool]

[I love the color of this picture with all the fruit]

*All these pictures were taken by my boyfriend I can't take the credit for these fantastic pictures!*

[John & I at my party :)]


  1. Congrats on your graduation! I love breakfast foods so it all looks delicious. :)

  2. Seems like you had a fun party. Hopefully I'll see you at the graduation in August! I'm sure Butler will do fine! Do you know who his trainer is going to be yet?

  3. @Elijah
    That's exciting I might meet you guys at graduation! I don't know who his trainer is yet, I won't find out until I'm at the kennels for turn in!

  4. Looks like fun! The food looks great and the pictures are great!

  5. Well, all of CCI's trainers are good. How did you get such a decorative header for your blog?

  6. @Elijah:
    I actually made my header in photo shop using digi scrapbooking elements from shabby princess(google it). I'd be happy to make you one, just shoot me an email at madison louise at gmail dot com (without spaces)

    let me know!! :)


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