[Butler and I next to the dog statues in town]
A few weeks ago Butler, John and I headed over to the local Art Fair for some fun and some puppy training. The crowds were so intense, and there were dogs everywhere who kept annoying Butler. It was a hot, but pretty day and the art was pretty good. The best part was the swimming in the lake afterward though.

Enjoy the pictures!
-Madison & Butler
[P.S. The pictures were taken by the fabulous John]

[Pretty flower!]


[Butler and I in an area of "No Pets"'s so sweet!]

[The Butterball cuddling once we got home]


  1. Great pictures! That statue is adorable! Butler is such a handsome guy!

  2. Awesome pictures. I love sweet Butler. I have a yellow lab of my own. I hope he does well, in all his future training. He may save a life one day. Good job!!


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