It is already June, can you all beleive that! I sure can't! I thought I'd let you know the going ons of Butler's summer so far. Over a month ago Butler and I finished high school! Yay, it was a happy occasion! We started work at a Marina in town, we wash boats and answer phones. It is quite fun and Butler does enjoy it, he's not fond of the loud machinery though, but he's getting used to it! Today we finished work at the local Elementary school that we were working at. Butler and I had a great Semester there, I'm gonna miss those 2nd graders a ton, and they are going to miss Butler. They all loved reading to him, and he made lasting impacts on some of those kids self esteem. Overall, even just as a puppy in training he has benefited people's lives, so in my eyes it's already a job well done for Butler. The rest of the summer will be filled with more fun, and I will attempt to keep updating for these last 2 months 5 days that I have Butler.

-Madison & Butler
P.S. Look out for a graduation post coming up about MY GRADUATION!


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