A torn Quad muscle+2 Crutches+Butler=A whole new experience!

So now I am hobbling around on crutches, it is just fantastic....and yes that is sarcasm. A few weeks ago I played in a soccer game and pulled a muscle in my thigh. So trying to be all tough and manly I "played through the pain". This resulted in my current condition, AKA a torn quad. The funny part(kinda funny, I see the funny in everything) I went to the doctor on Thursday to have them tell my mother I was fine and could play. Instead the doctor walked into the room and asked if I had any crutches at home....hmm, not the response I wanted. So now I am on crutches with a sore leg, which is not so awesome. Butler has decided that he HATES the crutches, yes you heard right, I have an assistance dog who doesn't like medical equipment. Thankfully he is getting used to them. I have learned a few lessons through having crutches and a pup! 1. My short 1 foot leash is so much easier than using the 6 or 4 ft leash. 2. I never understood how useful the UP and LAP command were. These commands make it so much easier to put the gentle leader and cape on and grab his leash when I drop it. 3. People give me funny looks with the dog and crutches, I now *slightly* understand the looks people with disabilities get from the public. Pretty much having a puppy and being on crutches is really hard. I can't wait till I'm off them!!!
~Madison & But But


  1. Geez, hope you get better soon!! New experiences for Butler though! no need to wait for formal training when you can start now! :) Well take it easy and heal up!

  2. I remember walking Gabrina when I was on crutches..that was lots of fun. ha...not.
    She thought she needed to walk right next my leg, not on the other side of the crutch. So she would get herself all tangled up and would end up tripping me. Luckily we eventually got it figured out and I was able to walk through the hallways at school with crutches, my school books, and a puppy!

  3. Ooo, that's tough!! Well, at least you found out that he doesn't like them before he went to Advanced Training! That way you can work on it now...

  4. That sounds very painful, I hope you heal quickly! Hopefully Butler will warm up to the crutches


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