Moving Forward.....

I wish that I could stop looking forward toward the future. I wish I could just sit down, look at the sky, and take in what's happening right here, right now! Everything is coming way too fast, yet I'm very excited to see it all come. But I'm really going to miss CCI, my puppy raising friends, and Butler!


  1. But you'll find a wonderful world of new things to experience too. Take time now to enjoy the last few sweet moments of your and Butler's 'childhood' both of you are headed on to bigger and better things.

    ps he is such a handsome boy!

  2. I totally understand what you mean. Llarson was my last dog to raise for awhile because I am heading off to college next fall. I really miss having a PIT in the house. Now I have been volunteering at a local service dog school to help with the void.

  3. That first picture is lovely. :-) I love pics of the dogs' backs & profiles.

    Hi, I'm MK, I used to raise for TSE (& still puppysit when I can) and adopted 2 dogs back. May we add you to our blog? We can add you to ours too if you'd like. :-)

    Also, funny enough, I know of Titus' sister Tinkerbell. She's in the NE CCI region & lives close-ish to me. What a small world!


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