Some of you may remember Titus, I went with Dee to pick him up back in December from CCI. Well Titus is my current trainee to show at the county fair in August. So today I began working with him. He did spectacular, he is so attentive and learns so fast. He is quite the tank though, he is such a huge lab pup. He is 5 months old and HUGE. He is gonna do lots of growing this summer, I'm sure. I'm so excited, I love the new challenge of training a new puppy. Plus I'm going through major puppy withdrawal. So I'm so thankful that Dee is willing to loan me puppies. Butler loves him as well, they played and tired each other out once we were done learning commands. It'll be a great summer, I can already tell..... :)

-Madison & Butler

Ok now for an update on Butler! Well Butler is now 13 months old! It is crazy, right? He turn in for Advanced Training in 4 months. Oh gosh I can't believe my time with him is almost over, where on earth does time go! Anyway Butler has been doing well, just going on with the every day stuff. We go to college each morning, elementary school each afternoon(Where he is quite popular). We go to Awana each week, babysit sometimes, pretty much the every day 'blah'. We have been going to an Advanced Obedience class which has been fun, he's getting pretty good. I'm so excited to see how he does at AT. I'm also excited for the summer, now that he's becoming confident. All my classes will be done in a little more than a month! I will be a high school grad in a few short weeks! Boo yeah! Butler will be graduating with me as well, the pup has to be included. I'm also planning for my grad party, which Butler will be at as well! I'm just so excited for summer, no school, friends, dog club, beach, time with Butler. It'll be awesome.


  1. Good luck with Titus!
    Butler, you look handsome!

  2. Titus is a cutie! Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

  3. Yay for graduation! I had Millie at my college grad last year: you will have a blast having BUtler there. Makes the time go by so much quicker! Have fun working with Titus.


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