Oh gosh.......what a day, what a day!

[My boy in his pretty blue cape]
Well the day I had long awaited finally arrived. I was so stinkin' excited. To start the day off I got up way too early *Grin*. We were planning to leave the hotel at around 8:15. I left Butler with another fellow Puppy raiser so I could focus on Andros. We left and had a 30 minute drive to the Rec Center where graduation is held. I got there early and waited around for my time with Andros to begin. At 9:00 am I was handed Andros. Lookin snazzy in his blue cape. He walked nicely, but then I said "Hey Andi" and then he sure got excited. He was bouncing and licking, and it was good to see how happy he was to see his "mom". We took lots of pictures during that time, went out for a "hurry break", then took him back to the room.

Following that time, my mom and I headed down for breakfast with Andros's partner Barbara and her mother. Boy was that great! We talked, and raved about how amazing Andros was. She told me all about how Team Training was and how helpful and smart Andros is. I told them all about Andros's puppy hood with me. I also gave them Andros's photo book and Wubba, which he loved when I had him! Our breakfast time finished and she headed to the graduation room and I headed up to get Andros back!

We took even more pictures, even some with baby Butler. We all filed into the graduation room for the laughs, tears, and heart touching stories to begin. This was my FAVORITE graduation ever! It was really great, I enjoyed it fully. Barbara was the second to get her dog. Andros's name was called, and walking down those stairs to hand over my puppy was.....amazing. I had a huge smile on my face, as I handed over Andros to his new wonderful partner. The PERFECT person for him. CCI did a great job with this match.

So the best part of the graduation you may ask? When I handed the leash to Barbara, gave her a hug, and she said "Thank you so much Madison". Those words were so heartfelt. I began to cry.

-----It only got worse from there. More graduates told more heart-tugging stories. I had never cried at graduations or turn ins. But this once cause me to bawl!!! It was great though. Loved it! Best day EVER!

We went to lunch with some puppy raisers then headed over to the NCR center. There was a little puppy there, it made me want another pup so bad! But I have my amazing Butler so it's all good :)

Hope you all enjoy the pictures! I wish much luck to all the Turn in's and Graduating teams , but especially to Barbara and Andros.

Some last words for you all....All those months of struggling with commands, annoying comments from the public, early mornings, and too much time spent with carpet cleaner were all worth it for the partnership that CCI made between Barbara & Andros. I could not be happier, more pleased, or proud of Andros.

~Madison & Butler

[Those caring eyes looking at me during the ceremony prior to handing over the leash]

[Andros and Butler]

[My and my boys!!]

[Some cuddle time]

[Nice shake Bud]

[Oh Gosh....I sure love this dog]

[He still loves the snow, and his BLUE cape sure looks pretty in it!]

[Another Blue glass photo, we took one just like it back in May]

[My brother Patrick.....maybe a puppy raiser someday....holding a pup who was in the kennels]

----Part 2-----
I also wanted to wish you all a happy Valentines day! Butler and I had a great day! Butler was a little sad as he didn't have a valentines. He's smart, dashing, and had a red rose. What more could you want! Lol


  1. Wow Andros!! Congratulations! Love the blue cape.

  2. YAY!!! Love the pictures!! :D Congrats to Andros and his new life with his person!!

  3. YAY!! Very good job, Madison. You worked very hard with Mr. Andros and definitely deserve a tear-jerking graduation!!

    P.S. Janda said she'd love to be Butler's Valentine.

  4. I love what Barbara said to you. What more is there to say? Congratulations to you and Andros!!

  5. Congrats to you and Andros! What an amazing experience! He looks fantastic.

    P.S. Paris would love to be Butlers Valentine.

  6. Congrats - he looks so good! What a nice match. Glad to hear it!


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