Happy Birthday!!!

I would like to wish a happy 2nd birthday to Shira x Paolo's "A" Litter! They are such fantastic litter, and I am very proud I raised one! Today Andros begins TT, so everyone keep your fingers crossed! So happy birthday puppies, I hope you're all enjoying life!!!
Litter Stats:
Avalon(NCR): COC
Arco: Team Training@NWR
Alicia IV: Team Training@NWR
Amethyst II(NE): COC
Alexander III(SWR): COC-Behavior
Amira II: NER TT??
Anza II: NER TT???
Analee- COC, Health


  1. Aww, what a cute movie!
    Happy birthday to the "A" litter!

  2. So funny that he begins TT on his birthday! Happy day Andros!!

  3. Happy Birthday! And adorable video. Puppies are so funny when they first try and eat an ice cube.


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