Buddy Boy, It's your BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday Butler! You are one year old! You have grown up oh so fast! It is craziness, where does time go! I can't wait to see where your life goes and what you become, but I will enjoy my months left with you! In one small year you could have graduated from Advanced Training, CRAZY! Butler got a new green, frog wubba today, he loves it! :)

Happy Birthday Butler as well as his other GDB "S" Litter siblings!



  1. Happy birthday Butler! Where did the year go? I remember him coming home and mister Andros going back! Pretty soon his siblings will be going back to GDB for formal training! Lucky Butler gets to stick around longer :)

  2. Happy birthday Butler! It truly is amazing what a difference a year can make AND how fast it flies by.

  3. Happy birthday Butler!

    They grow SO fast:(

    Toby's Raiser


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