Those darn envelopes......

Yesterday I head out to the mailbox, the snow is blowing all around me. The trees have a fresh white coating. I reach into the mailbox and pull out the mail. I see that dreaded manila envelope from CCI, addressed to "Patricia and Madison". My heart almost stops. My mind begins to race, thinking "how old is butler?", "Is it really turn in time already?", "He is suppose to turn in August, right?", Why on earth did they bump up his turn in so much?". I begin to panic at the thought of my not-yet 1 year old golden boy going off to training already!!


....but then I realize that Andros is graduating next month so this envelope is the graduation papers for him[EDIT: For the graduation papers we get like a letter notifying us that they will be rotating through TT, a plan of how the day will go, a letter on do's and don'ts of meeting the grad, and a list of hotels] Wow, it's amazing how you see an envelope and the mind jumps to it's own conclusion!!! My Golden boy thankfully has many more months with me. Puts things in perspective how you never know much time you have with these puppies.

Love ya Butler <3


  1. Congrats! We don't get paperwork on a graduate, just a phone call (NWR.) Congrats to Andros too!

    We had fun with the envelope scare last year. Sunke was a Feb turn in, that they notified us Nov 1st he was being moved to a Nov turnin! Talk about major change in plans!

  2. Congratulations on Andros's graduating! We were so impressed the day we watched Suzanne give us a sample of what SD can do. You must be very proud!
    Lori Barrante & Troy

  3. dumb question - what are graduation papers?


  4. @Lisa:
    There is an edit that explains....

  5. Why do Butler's siblings all have "S" names?
    Staicey & Elroy II
    (who was at NC when Andros was doing his demo for Troy's family)

  6. Butler was born from a CCI Dad and a GDB(Guide dogs for the blind) mom. When the schools do this they give 1-2 pups to the "dad" school, and the rest stay with the mom school. So Mr. Butler came from GDB and was given a "B" Name since that was how it ended up in the CCI name sequence. But the pups that stayed at GDB were given "S" names since that was how they ended up in the GDB name sequence. So Butler is the only pup in the program at CCI.

  7. It is funny how we do get so excited, or nervous, about those silly envelopes. Fingers crossed that Andros gets a match!


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