Happy Month Day Bud!

Hello People who read this blog,
Mr. Butler is 11 months old now! Wow, in one month he will be a whole year old! He is doing great lately, coming to school with me and we are even working at an elementary school, where he has done great even with the kiddos crawling all over him! The next month is filled with more school, working, and the occasional fun activity for the Butler and I. But Mr. Butler and I will have all summer for fun before Advanced Training(and College for me)!

So happy 11th Month Day Butler!!!!! :-)

~Madison & Butler
(BTW 20 days till Andros Graduates!!!)


  1. He has gotten so big a beautiful! I can't believe he is almost a year!

  2. He is growing up too fast! A very handsome boy though :) Hope you are having fun with him!

  3. Butler is gorgeous! The pictures are great.

  4. What a handsome 11 month year old! I love the last picture with him running in the snow.


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