Advanced Training Report: January

[Photo from January '09]
Well I just got my call from CCI. Andros is a 3rd Semester which means that this is his last chance to make a match. CCI said that they think he will make one, unless he does something stupid. They also said he is great, and doesn't have really any "issues". In November Gwen had said that Andros would make a great Skilled Companion as that is what his personality was, well in the last 3 months Andros has done some maturing so CCI said that he may be placed as a Service dog or a Skilled Companion depends on how TT goes and who he matches with. So I shall get a call late Tuesday night to let me know if Andi man made a match! Gwen said nothings for sure, but I should make a hotel reservation! ;)

We are rooting for you Andi!
~Madison & Butler

*Warning: Nothing is for sure with CCI and TT dogs, but he has a high likelihood of being placed*


  1. hey Madison! I've never commented before but I have a question about part of this, and how you mentioned that this is his last chance to be placed - do you mean that CCI will release him from training after 6 months of advanced training if they don't have a match for him this time around? I know that GDB will hold dogs for months waiting for the right match since so much time and money has gone into getting them to that point. It just seems silly to release a perfectly good dog because the right person hasn't come along yet. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you said, can you explain a little more? Thanks --

  2. @Mandy- At CCI the dogs are held for a total of 9 months. If no match is made they don't want to keep them in the kennel for more then that. It's no my favorite thing ever, as it would suck to have yourdog go through 9 months of training then get released. But in reality CCI is thinking of what is good for the dog. Hope that answers your question!!

  3. thanks for the clarification, I have my fingers crossed for Andros.
    BTW I met Butler's brother Spalding yesterday here in Southern California. He looks like a full golden.

  4. That's so cool! I know most of his litter is fluffy! I was SO SO bummed they didn't send CCI one of the fluffy ones!!!!

  5. ok found spalding's "scrapbook" online and thought I'd pass it along on the off chance you hadn't already seen it. here's the link:


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