Wowzers! An update!!! :)

[Update #1]

On the 4th was my 17th Birthday! Here are some pictures of Butler from my party! My dad took the pictures, they are great!!!

[Update #2]
The holiday season has arrived and with that comes working at Barnes and Noble. So a few weeks back Butler and I worked Barnes and Noble. We will be going back this Saturday to work! I'm so excited!! I love seeing my CCI friends and their adorable pups!

[Butler and CCI Skilled Companion Roden]

[Just another cute photo]

[Update #3]
ANDROS....yes you heard that right A-N-D-R-O-S has been spotted. At some puppy raiser thing he was used in a demonstration. I was told by another puppy raiser who was there that he was a very good boy, and looked great! to a puppy raiser's ears!!

Lastly here is an adorable piece of writing that was in the "CCI Companion" this month. The CCI Companion is CCI's National Newsletter. It made me cry, thinking of Andros :) Oh how emotional is the life of those who puppy raise! Enjoy!


For All the Puppy Raisers
By: CCI Graduate Sharon H.

While I was hoping for a miracle and something to make my life better, a Canine Companions puppy raiser was having sleepless nights as she housebroke a puppy. While I was filling out papers and waiting for my name to come up on the list, she was taking a puppy to obedience classes and socializing him to the world. When I was called for Team Training and planning a trip, she was hopeful the puppy would pass tests so he could be there too. When I traveled to Ohio to meet my new partner, she was praying that her puppy would make a placement. When I was nervous and waiting to see what dog would become my arms and legs, she was nervous and waiting to know if all her hard work had paid off. At graduation, when I was excited to leave with my new independence, she was saying goodbye one last time. When I was at home with my new service dog snuggled with me in my bed, she was at home trying to ignore the empty spot where he used to be. When she thought she was alone and feeling her loss, we were thinking of her and carrying her love in our hearts.


  1. You are going to make me cry! I love the little story! Yay Andros, keep on making you mama proud. Butler is getting so big!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Those pictures are all great.

    And thanks for sharing that article from the newsletter - it was very touching. :)

  3. awww that made me teary. Nice job with Andros and Butler looks so great!!!

  4. Happy (late) birthday!
    Love the story,
    Congrats 2 Andros!

  5. Okay I cried thank you for sharing


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