On the 4th day of Christmas I went to CCI.....(Post #401!)

Hello All,
This is gonna be a super long update, I'm sorry. But I hope you all enjoy it!!! So at around 6:15 yesterday morning Dee, Butler, and I set off for the 5 hour drive to Delaware, OH! IT was a boring drive, I kept on falling asleep! We did eventually get there and I was overjoyed! I was so so excited to be at CCI and see Andros! We walked into CCI and I met some other puppy raisers that were there for puppy pick up. I then walked back into the kennels to put Butler in a kennel and just said "hey" to Andros. Suzanne then wanted to demonstrate the Advanced training commands, so she used Andros! It was amazing how he just ignored me completely and focused on Suzanne and his job! I was in awe of my boy! He is so amazing, I sure hope he makes a match! oh back to the story! So after she showed us some commands I got to spend some time with him! He was so sweet and cuddly! I enjoyed the time I got to spend with him, I have missed him so much! I then went back and got Butler, and cuddled with both my puppies and got some pictures(of coarse). Dee and the other puppy raiser brought out their new puppies Titus and Troy. So I wished Andros good luck, told him to make a match, and told him I loved him! The puppies were SO SO cute!!!! They are like solid white and Titus is so mellow and just cuddles up with you. He reminds me so much of Andros when I picked him up! I then got some brochures, a new cape for B, and a new training collar to work him on. Suzanne said it will help with his pulling, which will be nice :-). We then packed up and headed home! The ride was long and boring.....but overall it was great and I'm so happy I got to go! Enjoy the multitude of photos!!!!
~Madison & Butler
[Suzanne working with Andros]

[Andros walking with her]

[Turning off a light switch command: SWITCH]

[Andros doing a LAP and a GIVE, he picked up a Credit card off the floor, it was amazing!]

[Andros doing a GIVE on the counter]

[Andros carrying a flashlight]

[Andros doing an UP on the wall while holding a flashlight]

[Andros doing a ROLL]

[Such a beautiful example of a controlled position]

[My cute Andi man]

[Andros & I <3]

[Andros and Butler]

[More Andi & But]

[Aww....cuddle time]

[Butler avoiding TITUS]

[AT dogs Gilly and Graham with new pup Titus]

[Andros with kennel mate KING(2nd Semester)]

[Puppies sleeping...]

[Puppies playing!!!!]

[Aww...the green ear, so cute!]

[Baby Titus and I]


  1. Wow, sounds like a fun filled day!
    It is always awesome 2 see a dog show off his training:)

    Such cute pictures!

    Toby's Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  2. So cute, it's great you're able to see Andros when you go up to visit CCI! Hope he makes a match in a couple months!! :)

  3. YAY! How great you got to see Andros. That is so awesome! What an adorable little TItus!


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