Advanced Training Report: December '09

[Photo from December '08)
Hello All,
I was pleasantly surprised today to find Andros's report in my Inbox! Yay! Surprises are the best!
Onto the report! Enjoy!
Health: No Health Concerns

Training/Commands in Progress:
Basic & Advanced(Behind, Front, Out, Move) (Ambulatory and Wheelchair)
Retrieve, Hold, Get(Ambulatory & Wheelchair)
Light, Push, Tug/Drop, Switch(new)
Interactive, Touch, Step and Pull

Behavior's Part 1:
-Licking/Chewing Feat

Behavior's Part 2:
-Allows/Accepts Physical Handling/Grooming
-Interacts appropriately with people
-Walks nicely on leash
-Attentive to Handler

Note from Trainer:
Andros is coming along nicely. He transitioned to me easily: very responsive, took correction, easy to motivate and redirect. Overall no concerns at this point. Andros continues to bark for attention occasionally. He does get a little distracted sometimes, but correction changes his behavior.

Field Trips: Polaris Mall, Sears, Park, several demos

Response to environmental sounds/auditory stimuli: Moderate
Response to novel stimuli/visual surprise: Moderate

Distraction in response to environmental stimuli: Moderate

Level of management required: Moderate

Response to motivation: High
Response to correction: High
Learning Rate: High

Status: 3rd semester training

~Madison & Butler


  1. Great job, Andros! I love the photo from last year, especially the way his front paw is tangled in his leash but he doesn't care a bit!

  2. Yay Andros!! Sounds like he's doing very well. :)

  3. Congrats Andros!!
    Updates are always fun to hear from the dogs:)

    Toby's Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  4. Keep it up Andros! Sounds like he's doing a great job.


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