Team Training Class Update

[Photo from November '08]

I got the call yesterday from CCI, but Andros didn't make a preliminary match. He will not be graduating with the November Class, BUT he will be held over for the February Class. This makes him a 3rd Semester dog, which can be exciting as they sometimes use 3rd semester dogs for Demo dogs and such during the next 3 months. So I am a little disappointed, but I know that CCI will find Andros a PERFECT partner.

"Sometimes miracles take time"

-Madison & Butler


  1. Sorry to hear that, but good luck to Andros over the next three months and especially in February. Several of my dogs have taken a little extra time in training for one reason or another, but it was worth it in the end because they ended up exactly where they were meant to be!

  2. Ahh too bad that Andros didn't make this match, but at least you know that he will make one soon! :)


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