Fall fun!

Hello All,
Yesterday Butler and I went to a youth group event at the bowling alley. I decided to bring Bee, since bowling alleys have such a good sights and sounds for a pup in training. So off we headed. He did pretty well, a little nervous at the beginning, but he got better as time went on. He is getting over many of his "fear issues" and is becoming a much easier dog to take places. It is nice to have an "older dog" again. Butler is actually the 2nd oldest dog in our chapter, very strange to me, as it seems like he was just the baby not too long ago. Here are he pictures, enjoy!

AND today after math class I stopped at the mail box and there was an envelope from CCI! Yay! The larger cape I had requested had come! Butler's "5 month cape" was looking a little snug, so I requested a larger one. This one looks a little big, but eh, it'll work! So here are some pictures I just took of Mr. Butler modeling his cape!

LASTLY, Mr. Gilly who some of you might remember I puppy sat last February has turned into advanced training today! I wish him the best of luck, hopefully he'll graduate, he is a GREAT dog!!! So Good luck Gillers, study hard!!!! I should also be getting a photo or two from Gilly's puppy raiser since she will be down at CCI, so that will be great!


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