Yes, I, Madison am a senior this year!!! So as is the tradition I had some senior pictures taken! Since puppy raising is my life, I HAD to include Bee-man in my pictures!!! So here are some, tell me which ones you guys like!

[Photo 1]

[Photo 2]

[Photo 3]

[Photo 4]

[Photo 6]

[Photo 7]

[Photo 8]

[Photo 9]

[A Silly one!!!]


  1. I like photo 2, 4, 7, 8, and 9 best! :) I can't wait my senior year so I can get pics of me and my currect GEB puppy! :)

  2. Aww, number 8 is definitely a keeper!!! haha besides that I really can't decide...they are all great...congratulations on being a senior finally! =D

  3. They are all great, but I think my personal favourite is #7. I am sad that I never really got around to doing outside grad pictures with Friday last year.

  4. I agree with Sam, #7 is my favourite!

  5. I love 4 and 7, great pics of both of you. I love Butler's ears! that's why I think I like 4. those are CCI Calendar shots.

  6. What great pictures!!! You both look cute! :))


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