Fall has fallen.....

Well in my neck of the woods fall has most definitely fallen! The leaves are starting to change colors and the colder air has come our way. I have been enjoying it though, with walks and picture taking, it's been awesome!

This past week was Butler's 1st week of coming to ALL of my classes! He did magnificently! Listened to commands well and settled well during the 4 days we spend at the local college. He was a little impatient during Thursday's Biology class, but I was tired of school by then too!

Today my friend and I went to a State Park to take some photos and Mr. Bee accompanied us! Enjoy the photos they are immensely adorable!

~Madison & Butler


  1. Good boy Butler for behaving at college! The photos are really good- beautiful setting.

  2. oh, good boy Butler!!! Love the photos!

  3. Oh Butler, seems like yesterday you were just this little guy and look how handsome you are turning out to be!


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