Call from Advanced Training: ANDROS

[Photo from October '08]
Well I just got my call from Gwen. She said he knows all his commands and can do them very, very well. He requires minimal cues and encouragement from his trainer. She also raved about how wonderful of a dog he is, very sweet and loving. She also said he is her most finished dog. She also talked about how when some prospective applicants came and worked dogs, they used Andros and he was a wonderful example of what an assistance dog should look like!

Now onto the not so good news.....
While he is doing great! He also anticipates commands, and is a sensitive dog, so his prospective placement is as a Skilled Companion. This part is great! I always thought he'd make a great Skilled Companion! The incoming TT class has 7 people in it, and 11 dogs will be rotating through. So 4 dogs will not be graduating in this class. There are 5 people needing SD, and only 2 people needing SC. Gwen says she does not know at all, whether Andros will be graduating this class. But she says that unless he decides to bite someone she has no doubt that he will graduate at sometime!(Prolly February) I So hopefully my boy will make a match, but I know CCI knows best, and will find him a perfect person :)

I have been told that CCI never tells you that your dog will definitely make a match, so I shall be waiting until next Tuesday, when I will be receiving another call telling me whether he has made a "Pre-match". So until then, everyone cross your finger and your paws for Mr. Andros.


  1. Oooo! Mostly great news! I really hope he finds a match in the group coming in, but if not it is really nice to know that he has so much potential! Fingers and paws crossed...

  2. Fingers and paws crossed! Great job Madison & Andros - congrats on making it thus far!!

  3. That's great news - fingers and paws crossed!!!!

    just the news every raiser hopes to hear! Nice job Madison.

  5. Awesome! Congrats!

    CCI doesn't guarantee any match until the day of graduation. Even pre-matches have been known to change last minute, I've heard of it up until the day before graduation. Somethings change, usually unforeseen circumstances that break it for the graduate team.

    It's rare, but does happen. 90% of the time if the dog is pre-matched, the match holds true.



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