Advanced Training Report: September

[Photo from September '08]
Well another month has come and gone and he's still there!!! YIPPEE!!! This was Andros's *most likely* last written/emailed report! Next month his trainer will give me a call to talk about whether he will be rotating through Team Training!!! It's just so exciting!!!!! Ok here it is...Enjoy :)

Health: No Health Concerns

Training/Commands in Progress:
Basic & Advanced(Behind, Front, Out, Move) (Ambulatory and Wheelchair)
Retrieve, Hold, Get(Ambulatory & Wheelchair)
Light, Push, Tug/Drop
Interactive, Touch, Step and Pull(NEW!)

Behavior's Part 1:
-Non Goal Directed Kennel Stress, Vocalizing
-Licking/Chewing Feat(New..)

Behavior's Part 2:
-Allows/Accepts Physical Handling/Grooming
-Interacts appropriately with people
-Walks nicely on leash
-Attentive to Handler

Note from Trainer:
Andros is displaying excitable barking and whining in his kennel when other dogs are being let outside. This is not currently a concern. (same as previous months)

Andros has been introduced to all advanced training commands and is displaying a very good understanding of them. In the coming month we will work to "finish" the behaviors, meaning physical cues, motivation, and correction will be diminished in an attempt to get Andros to take greater and greater responsibility for completing the commands. He continues to display some non-goal directed vocalization as described last month. Not an area of huge concern but again, something we will continue to evaluate.

Field Trips: Lowes, Mingo Park, Delaware "City Walk", Polaris Mall, Handling challenges at CCI center - all to proof commands, evaluate manageability and responsiveness in new environments.

Response to environmental sounds/auditory stimuli: Moderate
Response to novel stimuli/visual surprise: Moderate

Distraction in response to environmental stimuli: Moderate

Level of management required: Moderate

Response to motivation: High
Response to correction: High
Learning Rate: High

Status: 2nd semester training

~Madison & Butler
(P.S Andros is now 20 months old. Happy month day Bud!)


  1. WOW! So exciting! Looks like they might be getting him ready for a SD career?? Who knows...but congratulations! =D

  2. YAY - GO ANDROS!!! Keep up the good work!


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