Happy 3rd Birthday Conover!

I would like to wish a Happy 3rd Birthday to Ravi x Blaze's "C" Litter! It's crazy to think I started this journey a whole 3 years ago! It feels like just yesterday I walked into the CCI kennels to pick up my 1st CCI pup...wow, crazy :)

Conover(now known as Conner) is living the good life as a pet! Lots of toys, walks and love! He's one happy puppy :)

I hope Collier, Cyndal, Corinda, Cass, Cynthia, Chapman, Colin, and Clayton(SD) have a great 3rd birthday!!

~Madison & Butler(Wow, am I really on pup #3!)


  1. WOW!! Happy Birthday Big guy!

    We gave your blog an award, please stop by and check it out!!

    Erin, Bubbles, Texas and Ira
    Two Dachshunds and Co.


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