Butler is 6 MONTHS old!!

Well like quite a few days ago, 11 to be exact, Butler turned 6 MONTHS old!! Yay! So here are 6 things Butler loves to do:
1. Butler loves to play in the backyard with Ruby!
2. Butler loves to go babysitting with me and play with the kids!
3. Butler loves to play at the beach!
4. Butler loves to go on adventures with me through the woods.
5. Butler loves to go out in public and "Work"
6. Butler loves to snuggle up on the floor and cuddle!


There will be another pup gracing my household for a few days........

She will be coming in 20 days............

she is Conover's 1/2 sister.............

She is yellow and 3 months old..........

AND her name is WIDGET!!!!!!!!!

[She is the cute little one on the left!]


  1. Happy half birthday, Butler! And what fun--Widget is so cute, and I love her name (although I would have guessed it was a boy name myself).

  2. Happy six months Butler! I am sure you will both have fun with Widget too! And agreed, that is a great name :)


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