Butler has been........

Neutered! Since I have nothing else interesting to write about I'll tell ya about that....Well like many of his blogging buddies, Butler has been neutered. Since I work at the Vet office, I got to watch his surgery. He was such a good boy, listeneing to commands for the vet staff, being easy to handle, not barking in his kennel. Overall a very good boy! We can home at around 12:30 from his surgery but was still feeling a little sleepy. So he spent the rest of the day snoozing on his pink bed! :)

With this little surgery done, Butler is now one step closer to becoming an assistance dog!!

Well Butler and I didn't do too much the last week of summer! We did some yard work, went on some walks, and just got ready for school! Last week I started my two classes at the local community college, and Butler comes with me to one of them, and will start coming to the other tomorrow, it's a 3 hr. class so I hope he behaves himself!

He is growing up into quite the wonderful puppy! Listens well, crates well, chills well, works well. He is quite spectacular! I am looking forward to having little Widget next weekend so Butler can have a puppy playmate for a bit :)

To finish this post off, some pictures, and the news that I get Andros's 2nd to last report in 14 days!!! Yippee!

Enjoy the photos,
Madison & Butler


  1. Aww I love his ears! Just his face reduces me to baby talk :))

  2. Butler has a pink bed? So does Pepsi. =D

  3. Mead, Westin, and Butler all seemed to get neutered around the same time. One step closer!


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