7 Reasons@7 months

Well tomorrow my little butter-ball will be 7 MONTHS old! Wow, is time flying! For this month I shall give you 7 reasons why I love puppy raising!

1. Having that puppy with you most time is great. You have that company as you drive, and that constant buddy when up late studying! It's great to have them with you everywhere from classes to lunch!

2. Those loving eyes looking back at you could melt any heart!

3. I love the community CCI and puppy raising builds, I've met people I never would have before!

4. I love the challenge puppy raising brings. I love overcoming obstacles & teaching commands!

5. I love all the presentations I get to do! Like American girl, schools, and Lions Clubs. I enjoy talking about CCI and gaining self confidence!

6. I love getting to raise these magnificent dogs so that they can go and help someone someday! That is the biggest reason why I love puppy raising!

7. LASTLY I love puppy raising because I have gotten to meet some pretty magnificent dogs, to name a few, Conover, Andros, & Butler

These are seven reasons I love puppy raising at Butler's 7 month-day!!

~Madison & Butler

Sidenote: I realized today that September is my "Anniversary" during September '06 I had my dad say yes, sent in an application, had a call interview, got accepted, and was put on the waiting list. It amazes me that 3 years has gone by! Wow! I am thankful for every one, as well as every CCI puppy that has graced my life along the way. Hopefully there will be many more years and many more puppies, since I'm addicted I'm sure there will be :)


  1. Happy 7 months Butler - wow, you are growing up too fast!!!! :D
    I like your list!!!

  2. Loved your post! Happy 7 months to the butterball!!

  3. Happy 7 months!!
    Butler reminds me a lot of Toby (looks a lot like him)


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