[Butler holding his new bone!!]
Well when I'm bored, and the exciting teenager I am, I go to Petsmart! Yeah, so it's not that exciting for most, but I LOVE it! :) So Butler and I hit the road and headed to Petsmart for no real reason! We walked around, practiced some distraction work, worked on commands, and took some photos...of Coarse! We also bought a new Nylabone, a Tag silencer for Bee's CCI tag, and some treats to use at our CCI event this weekend!

Tomorrow at 6:00 pm Dee and I will be hitting the road, heading to Ohio! It shall be much fun, and I shall get to see some friends while there! I am excited and just counting down the hours till be leave. :D

Today I took Butler over to a local store called PAWS to WASH. It is a place where you can give your dog a bath. First I stripped Butler down, then told him to walk up the ramp to the tub, which we did with NO protest! The I bathed him. He stood so still! It was very great. I then put him on a grooming table, to get him used to the blow dryer. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but warmed up to it! Now I have a wonderful smelling, slightly fluffier, soft coated puppy! He is now super tired after his adventure to the dog wash and playing with Connor boy this morning. Sadly I FORGOT my camera when we went to the dog wash, I was SO bummed!

Well enjoy the photos from Petsmart.....
~Madison & Butler


  1. I ALWAYS love going to pet stores. I love looking at dog toys and stuff:)

  2. What a good boy Butler! That first picture is just the cutest thing ever. I also love going to pet stores... and I usually end up buying something that I don't need. Have a good time on your trip!

  3. I don't think I'd have my sanity without a tag silencer. See, you really DID need something!


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