Fair 2009!!!

[Butler and I with our Obedience ribbon and trophy.]

Well this year my CCI puppy, Butler showed in 2 events. Showmanship and Obedience.

On Wednesday Butler was groomed up as pretty as a LGX can look and I looked as dorky as a 16 year old can look and we headed into the ring! Butler did OK. He stood nicely, gaited nicely, but those little gnats bit him the ENTIRE time so he didn't do as well as he could have! I was proud none the less of my little golden man! We walked away with a "B" ribbon, not great, but pretty good for being the youngest person and pup in the class :)

On Thursday was obedience day! AHH! I was so freaked out all morning because I wanted Butler to do well! We headed into the Sub-Novice B ring LAST! Because my last name starts with a "W"! So back to the story. We started out doing heeling on leash. He did pretty well just a little pulling and I gave some corrections, which I wasn't suppose to! He sat when we stopped, which made me SO, SO happy!!!!! Next, we did a recall. I sat his, stayed him, and walked away. When I called him to stopped 1/2 way, then I pulled him toward me and told him to sit, I then told him HEEL, and he did a GREAT finish! I was very thrilled. We then did a Stand For Exam. I told him to STAND, and STAY then walked away. He did great and didn't move a muscle! Yay! Following this was the Sit-Stay and Down-Stay. He did great on both of those and didn't lose any points! YAY!

During awards Butler and I were given 2nd place out of about 20 people! I was so proud of my baby-cakes! We were only 3 points off from 1st place! So he did really well! He was only 1/2 point off from getting 6th place out of EVERYONE who showed in obedience! again...YAY!

So that's my fair story, hope you enjoyed it!
~Madison & Butler (We get Andros's report in 2 days!!!!)

[Butler and I doing Showmanship]


  1. Congrats to both of you on your accomplishments!

  2. Wow, that's awesome! Congratulations! And that showmanship outfit isn't TOO dorky ;)

  3. Good job!! Butler should have gotten extra points for being such a baby pup!


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