A Butler Post!

[Photo from June of silly man Butler]

Well hello all,
You guys would probably like to hear how Mr. Butler is doing. Well Butler is 5 months and almost 2 weeks! He currently weighs 39.8 lbs. Butler has been doing great as he has started his public socialization! He has gone to church, where he does great and is told by everyone how he is better behaved than the 7 month old Leader dog! :) He also has gone to a few fast food restaurants. He seems to be calming down and can control his wiggly, goldeny, bubbly personality better.

Butler will be having a rather fun filled next few weeks! We had our 2nd to last 4H practice this evening, and he did great! He's seems to understand how to do formal obedience pretty well. Our county fair is in 2 weeks and Butler will be showing in Obedience and Jr. Handling. I am super excited and can't wait to see how he will do! This Saturday Butler will be spending the day with his Auntie Dee and his buddy Gilly! He always has so much fun, I don't think he misses me at all! Then next Friday/or Saturday(Depending on who is in the graduating class) Dee and I will be leaving for CCI. While there we will be attending a Graduation and a Puppy Raiser/Graduate Workshop. It shall be Fantastic, and I'm super excited! Butler and Gilly will love to play and hang with each other! Sadly I probably won't be going to the kennels to see Andi-man, but will have another puppy raiser take him out and snap a photo for me!

He's a great puppy and I love him so much! :)
~Madison & Butler


  1. Love that picture! Friday has an Auntie Dee too, and she loves going to visit her.

  2. That picture is PRICELESS!! Wow Butler is big, he weighs ten pounds more than Brianna and is a week younger! Good boy Butler! =)

  3. I love that picture! He has the zoomies, doesn't he!?! So cute! Glad to hear he is doing so well! Have fun at graduation and the workshop, sounds like fun!

  4. What a cutie! Love zoomies pictures! Have fun at the graduation and we know Butler and you will do great at the fair!

  5. I took lunch to the graduating class on Friday...saw the kennel where Andros was but all the dogs were out. :( I was hoping to see him so I could tell you he was doing fine.

    Lots of super cute kids in this class. I will not be able to be at graduation, which is a bummer...we have an agility trial. Maybe next class...


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