August '09 CCI Trip!

[Butler and I are ready to go!]

Well yesterday, at around 5:30, Dee and I headed down to CCI in Delaware, OH. The drive felt so long! The pups(Gilly and Butler) behaved great in the car, rotating between sleeping and wrestling. We arrived at our hotel at around 10:45 and we were SO tired. We retired to bed, and Butler did great on his 1st night sleeping on tie down! He just curled up and went to sleep. I was so proud!

Today, we got up at around 7:00 and got ready to meet some other puppy raisers downstairs while we ate breakfast. Butler again, did magnificently! We headed over to the Rec. Center where the graduations are held. Dee went to do some "Graduate time" since she had a pup graduating and Butler, Gilly and I went to the morning workshop. Following this we headed to the graduation portion of the morning. It was so adorable, Tolan(Dee's Grad) and his partner are a great match! I even cried a bit, which is a rarity for me!

We then had lunch and more workshop stuff. I'm not gonna go through it all as it would be quite boring to hear a account of! But it was very fun, and Butler behaved and listened VERY well :) People were like amazed he was almost 6 months old due to his size and great manners!

Well following the graduation/workshop time Dee and I headed over to the training center! We arrived there and I ran in to find my Andi-man! I found Andros out in the play yard with 6 other dogs. They were playing with Nylabones and plastic Kiddie pools with water in them. He was having a ball! He came up and said hi, but wasn't overly happy to see me, which was good, he's enjoying training too much to want to leave :) After playtime was over his trainer Gwen put his training collar and leash on and showed me some of the cool stuff he was learning. Commands such as GET, HOLD, PUSH, and LIGHT. I then just hung out with him for a bit in the training room, took some photos, then handed him back to be put in his kennel. Before leaving him I reminded him of one thing....."I'll see you in 3 months Andi, no sooner!"

~Madison & Butler

[Butler and Gilly ready to start the day!]

[Gilly and Butler posed for a photo on the infamous "Blue Glass wall" prior to heading in for graduation!]

[Cute, Adorable, now SKILLED COMPANION Tolan cuddles up to his puppy raiser....]

[Butler does a great UNDER at lunch and demonstrates a great JUMP, STAND, and STAY while I snap some photos!]

[Some pictures of the Andi-man while playing in the CCI play yard!]

[Kennel Pictures!]

[Just some posed pictures from my time at the center]

[Lastly, a picture of some adorable puppies, because what's better than puppies?!]


  1. Wow we didn't know PR's could see their dogs in AT! That's great you were able to see how Andros is doing! =)

  2. Sounds like a really great trip! And that is so incredibly cool that you got to visit with Andros!


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