Advanced Training Report: August

[Photo from August '08]
Well I got Andros's August Report a day early! Yay! So as Andros has been in AT longer, his reports are kinda, may I say, boring :) But never the less I still enjoy getting them and hearing all about how my boy is doing in AT. So on to the report!

Health: Andros is healthy!

Training/Commands in Progress:
Basic & Advanced(Behind, Front, Out, Move) (Ambulatory and Wheelchair)
Retrieve, Hold, Get(Ambulatory & Wheelchair)
Light, Push, Tug/Drop
Interactive, Touch, and Step(NEW!)

Behavior's Part 1:
-Non Goal Directed Kennel Stress, Vocalizing

Behavior's Part 2:
-Allows/Accepts Physical Handling/Grooming
-Interacts appropriately with people
-Walks nicely on leash
-Attentive to Handler(New for August!)

Note from Trainer:
Andros is displaying excitable barking and whining in his kennel when other dogs are being let outside. This is not currently a concern. (same as previous months)

Andros continues to progress quickly in learning new skills. He has adjusted nicely to both the manual and power wheelchairs. His retrieve is developing strongly as is his tug and push. Light is being generalized to new environments. Next month I will introduce switch and pull.

Non-goal directed training stress = vocalizing, whining, barking when unsure of correct behavior. For example in testing today, he was commanded "heel", he turned into the wheelchair and positioned himself at my foot pedals. I corrected him, instead of "fixing" his positioning, he whined showed signs of stress and looked for "help" (more information for me) as to what "heel" might mean in that instance. Not a concern but something we see as an expression of his temperament.

Field Trips: Pack play training exercise, End of first semester testing

Response to environmental sounds/auditory stimuli: Moderate
Response to novel stimuli/visual surprise: Moderate

Distraction in response to environmental stimuli: Moderate

Level of management required: Moderate

Response to motivation: High
Response to correction: High
Learning Rate: High

Status: 2nd semester training (YAY!!!!!!!!)

~Madison & Butler


  1. So exciting to have him in 2nd semester! Go Andros!!

  2. That's great! I love the way they really summarize and describe how he is doing so you can really picture it!


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