Single Digits!!

Well I shall be receiving Andros's 3rd report from Advanced Training in 9 DAYS!!! YIPPEE!! I love getting reports! A fellow puppy raiser was also down at the center this weekend and took some video of Andi-man. So hopefully I shall get that soon, and shall be patient enough to load it onto my blog, but it takes SO long.

Well Can't wait to get that report! Enjoy these photos of Butler in his *NEW* Cape! :D

~Madison & Butler III


  1. Wow big cape already! We just asked for Brianna's...haha. Butler's so cute!! =)

  2. So cute! I love how grown up 5 month old puppies look in their "big dog" capes!

  3. Oh Butler!! You handsome man you!
    Yay for the Andros reports!


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