Butler is 5 MONTHS OLD!

Wowzers! Where has time gone! My little man is now 5 months old! So now to be a copy cat and copy Cabana's puppy raiser I am going to give you all:

5 Things I love about Butler at 5 months!

1. I love Butler's puppy wiggle when he is happy to see you
2. I love how Butler is always anxious to learn new things.
3. I love how Butler like to sleep at my feet.
4. I love how happy Butler is with each new adventure!
5. I love how all you have to say is Bee and his tail starts wagging!

I can't wait to learn even more things I love about you buddy! :)

~Madison & Butler


  1. Happy 5 months, Butler! I remember really enjoying that age with Cabana. Still little, but old enough to have some important things under control.

    Madison, you're welcome to any ideas from my blog--it's very flattering! And it's nice of you to credit me. We all learn so much from each other. I've gotten so many good ideas from you and other raisers, too.

  2. He's such a handsome boy! Yay for being five months, Butler! :-D


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