Advanced Training Report: ANDROS

[Photo from July '08]

Today I received Andros's 3rd report from Advanced Training. I thought it was rather good, and was pleased with it! He seems to be doing quite well! So here is the report!

Health: Andros is healthy!

Training/Commands in Progress:
Basic, Advanced (Ambulatory & Wheelchair)
Retrieve, Hold, Get (Ambulatory & Wheelchair)
Push, Light, Touch

Behaviors dogs has exhibited in Advanced Training:
(Part 1)

Note from trainer on behavior: Andros is displaying excitable barking and whining in his kennel when other dogs are being let outside. This is not currently a concern. (same as last month)

(Part 2)
Allows/Accepts Physical Handling/Grooming
Interacts appropriately with people
Walks nicely on leash

Field Trips: Pack training distraction exercise. We will begin regular field trips once the understanding of the retrieve is solid for most dogs.

Response to environmental sounds/auditory stimuli: Moderate
Response to novel stimuli/visual surprise: Moderate

Distraction in response to environmental stimuli: Moderate

Level of management required: Moderate

Response to motivation: High
Response to correction: High
Learning Rate: High

Status: 1st semester training

Feedback from Trainer: "Andros is moving quickly through the retrieve sequence. We began picking up items other than training dumbbells this week. This is great. He needs more confidence and time working next to the wheelchair as he appears slightly insecure. He is showing a very high willingness to learn and demonstrates a firm understanding of push (including accessible door buttons) and has generalized the "light" command."


  1. Good boy, Andros!

    You must be very happy, Madison! Your boy is doing great!

  2. Way to go Andros! Keep up the good work buddy!

  3. Sounding good!!! Keep up the good work Andros!

  4. Very good report! Glad that he is doing well!

  5. Congrats to Andros on making it this far!! Sounds like he's doing a great job!

  6. Is there an average on how long the advanced training goes?


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