19 Week old Photo Shoot

Well Butler is now 19 weeks old! Wowzers is he getting old! Before I know it I'm gonna be turning him in!!! As Butler is growing he is becoming more and more goldeny, I love it! :)

We also found out the other day that Butler and I will be going to the August CCI Graduation and Workshop! We are going up with Dee and Gilly and I am super excited! I love to go to CCI things. :)

So enjoy the pictures and I also did a post on Butler 1st CCI booth! So look for it!
~Madison & Butler


  1. Butler looks so serene--except in the first photo, of course! He looks like he's going to be leggy like Andros.

  2. Wow Butler, you sure are growing up fast!

  3. He sure is handsome! Can't believe he is growing up so fast!


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