New Collar!

I decided not to make my baby Butler wear "left-over" collars(Andros & Conover left-overs) and stopped by the pet store and got him a new one! It's adorable and so him. I also am liking using a buckle collar vs. a Martangle as they are easier to put on and off.

Here are some other pictures I took of Butler while I was attempting to take the collar picture. He's a silly boy for sure!

Lastly "MY WHAT LARGE EARS YOU HAVE!" Butler has the biggest ears for his little pin head. It's so funny! I took a photo of him looking down the stairs as it emphasizes them the best!

Madison & Butler(Who will be 16 WEEKS tomorrow!!! WOW!)
(10 days till Andros's 2nd report!!!!!)


  1. Cute collar! Butler's extremely cute too! He's got quite a bit of the "GDB" pup look about him /wink/ I prefer buckle collars as well for their ease of putting on and off! Hopefully soon we get our martingale with a buckle for Eola :-D

  2. I love Lupine collars! I have a total of 6 collar and leash sets. I have a weak point for them:)

  3. watch out for that growth spurt, I'm convinced that god would not be that cruel to leave pups with mis-matched parts!

  4. Those ears are comical! just adds to his cuteness, though. :)

  5. What a pretty color! Yeah I suppose that's common using left over collars for multiple dogs. Its been years since I've bought a collar :( Share! Share! oh well


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