Butler's first CCI Booth

Last weekend Butler did his first of MANY booths for CCI. He did great and listened well. He also drew in a lot of people due to his adorable looks! He listened to commands well and behaved himself even though we were there for 3 hours! I am very proud of him!

Enjoy the photos!
~Madison and Butler

Dogs in photos: Rosemary(Pink GL), Gilly(Tan GL), Graham(NO GL), Gibson(Black Coat), Roden(Dog in Blue cape, GRADUATE), Butler is the adorable one! :)

[Butler resting on his Aunt Cheri's lap]

[Butler VERY tired after a day of booth staffing]

[Butler keeping himself busy]


  1. WOW - way to get the word out! Yay Butler for being cute and drawing them in! :D


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