BEACH! (& my best bone picture)

Butler had his 1st trip to the beach! He did great and loved it! Enjoy the photos, he is just too adorable!

~Madison & Butler

For Cabana's Nylabone contest here is my gnarliest, grossest Nylabone.

What my winning bone looked like before:

Here is what it looks like now:

(Just to clarify this is the same end, the other whole end of the bone is gone now!)

It has been through many dogs! I got it when Conover(Pup #1) came home. So Conover, Arlo, Butler, Andros, Ruby, and Gilly have all graced this bone.


  1. Do you mean Butler's first trip to the beach?? Your gnarlybone is hilarious! It's a tiny nubbin! Thanks for your entry--you're the first one!

  2. Yes Butler...not Andros. Wow I keep doing that!

    I don't have horribly dirty nylabones but thought my bone was very "Worn".

  3. I love going to the beach with my GEB pup, but Beau goes crazy when he is on the sand!!! :)

  4. You definitely should be at the top of the list for Cabana's GNARLYBONE contest!

  5. Butler is so CUTE!! His face reminds me of a "not-so-fuzzy" Brianna. =) We've always liked the beach, but our pups ate so much they got sick! lol


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