AT Report: Andros II

{Photo from June '08}

This past Wednesday I received Andros's 2nd AT report from CCI. Overall it was a pretty awesome report! I was a very proud puppy raiser! Here is his report, take a look and see how FANTASTIC my boy is!!

Health: Shedding a lot, but no other concerns. Hip, eye, and elbow test were completed with no concerns found.

Training/Commands in progress:
Basic Command: Ambulatory & Wheelchair
Hold: Ambulatory

Behaviors(Part 1): Barking & Whining
"Andros is displaying excitable barking and whining in his kennel when other dogs are being let outside. This is not currently a concern."

Behaviors(Part 2):
Allows/Accept physical handling/grooming
Walks nicely on leash
Interacts appropriately with people

Field Trips: All evaluation exercises and field trips complete

Response to environmental sounds/auditory stimuli: Moderate
Response to novel stimuli/visual surprise: Moderate

Distraction in response to environmental stimuli: Moderate

Level of management required: Moderate

Response to motivation: Moderate
Response to correction: Moderate
Learning Rate: Moderate

Status: 1st semester training

Feedback by Trainer:
"Andros has shown us to be a "soft" temperament dog who is mildly distracted. He is showing a slight level of startle/surprise to novel items but seems to gain confidence from his handler. He is showing quick recovery (we like this) when startled. He is showing a nice level of willingness to learn and understands basic expectations . I am enjoying getting to know him!"


  1. Woohoo congrats! It sounds like he is doing a fantastic job - and passing health is a big hurdle :) awesome

  2. So interesting! It's so helpful to hear all the things they test him for. Sounds like he's a very good and stable student--hooray!

  3. Wow! Good report! I hope he keeps doing well.

  4. YAY! Way to go Andros, keep it up bud!

  5. YAY for an awesome report!!!! That's so great! Keep up the great work Andros!

  6. Sounds great!! Go Andros!!!! Good Job Madison!


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