WHOLE Weekend update!

This is part 1 of my "Weekend post". These photos are from today while we were on the farm! Enjoy!

~Madison & Butler

Part 2:
On Saturday my family, I, and Butler went to a life walk that was happening near us. It was a pro-life walk to help raise money for a local pregnancy center. Here are some photos of Andros(A.K.A BUTLER..wow) and I. He looks so big in these photos! :)

Part 3!
On Friday I hung out at my cousins and babysat. Here are the photos I took of both! There is also a cute picture of Butler in my car. If you click on it and see it bigger you can see him sticking his cute little tongue out!



  1. Framer Butler Had a tractor, and Butler was his Name-O! Butler, Butler, Butler, and Butler is his Name-O!

  2. You just called Butler "Andros" in your post :)

    Looks like it was a good weekend

  3. I have to say Butler is adorable! Looks like he had a very fun, busy weekend.


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