Oh my golly goodness.....Single Digits!

Yep that title is correct only 8 days till Andros turns into Advanced Training and I take little Butler home! We will be leaving next Friday and hanging out in Ohio till it's CCI time!!!
[This was suppose to be a 9 days till post but blogger wouldn't let me post, so it's an 8 days till now!]

So I have been slowly accumulating things for baby Butler and am almost done. Only a few more things and I'll be completely ready! Here are some photos of Butler's supplies, yes I know that's a little dull but it's all I got!

I also got another manila envelope but this time is was a happy CCI envelope because it was just Butler CCI Contract, ID Card, and Tag!

The same day I got the CCI envelope I also got Butler's new personal tag. It is adorable and I love it! So here is a photo of Butler's tags on his baby collar(Andy's old one). Also here is the leash I got for puppy hood..It's blue and yellow and matches perfectly with the CCI cape.

Here is a photo of some of the puppy toys that I have for Butler. I have lots more toys these are just the "itty bitty pup toys".

Lastly here is a photo of the blanket I got for him at Petsmart for $4.50!

Madison & Andros(& Butler in 8 days!)


  1. Good luck Andros! Your blog is great!

  2. Good luck at school Andy! Study hard and no goofying off!

  3. Good luck Andros! This really is the countdown now! Butler is going to be all set when he arrives too!

  4. Oh I bet you have mixed feelings, Andros leaving yet Butler coming. Good luck Andros! And "almost" Welcome Home Butler!


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