My day in Ohio

Well May 16th was good. Andros behaved himself well and I think will do great in training. He was very good at the ceremony and ignored the other dogs very well. We took many photos then headed over to the center.

When you walk in you know what you are doing. You know there is a possibility of them becoming something great. My problem is the fact that there is also a possibility of him becoming a pet. Yes I know pets can be great. It is just not the GREAT I imagined my puppy as while raising him. We took many pictures. Then put him in his kennel and waited for him kennel mate Roy to get there. He used his amazing puppy eyes to the best of his ability. I felt horrible. Until Roy got there. Once he arrived the two of them played then settled in together, ready to start their training.

I know he'll do great. He has a great organization with great trainers to help him get there if that right. I'll miss my boy, but I know that someone out there needs him. Maybe as a pet, maybe as a CCI dog. CCI will help him get to wherever is right for him....I'll just have to anxiously wait until he has decided.

Andros do great in're a great dog, I'll miss you sweet boy. These are the last words I said to him. Go Andros...I'll be rooting you on the entire time!

Some photos from the Andros part of this post!

Well Butler is utterly adorable and I was SO excited about picking him up! As I'm walking into the kennels I hear barking...guess who it was BUTLER! He's very cute and he HURRYS well on command and listens pretty well. He slept through the night last night 10:30-7:00. I was SO HAPPY. Here are some pictures ENJOY!

~Madison & Butler


  1. Oh gosh! Turn in and pick up same day! that's gotta take a heavy toll on your emotions! So glad that you got all those final pics for scrapbooking and such. He'll do great!
    yay! for Butler! He looks like a keeper, can't wait to hear the many stories and adventures about him.

  2. Good luck to Andros in training, and YAY Butler. He's adorable!!

  3. Butler is super cute, I can definitely see the golden side of him :) What a sweetie. You did a fabulous job with Andros, he will do wonderfully in training :)

  4. Good luck Andros!! And Butler is soooo cute!!!! :)

  5. Good Luck Andros! I think its the funnest to pick up and drop off on the same day!!! Welcome Butler!!!

  6. Butler is ADORABLE!!! AWWW! Congrats on getting Andros to the next phase of his life! He will be great at whatever he choses to do. Go Andros Go!!

  7. That is one cute puppy. Actually two cute puppies. I didn't realize you've always raised LGXs. For some reason I thought Andros was just a lab. But you've done your best with Andros and he will be fantastic as he moves forward. (Enjoy Butler!!!!)

  8. Andros definitely is looking the part of dog ready for advanced training! Good luck to him! And welcome to Butler!


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