*Most likely* Last post before Turn in!!!!

Well since tomorrow will be busy and I don't know if the hotel has internet we'll call this the last post before turn in.
This week has been great, Andros behaved himself extraordinarily, like usual. He has been a great pup to raise and I will cherish these last hours with him. I know he'll do great in training and become whatever he is suppose to become.

I have puppy proofed literally the ENTIRE house and it is ready for Mr. Butler! All his supplies are sitting waiting to be packed and I am SO, SO, SO, SO, SO excited!

Here are the numbers for you all:
28 hrs. till we leave for Ohio
49 hrs. till the Graduation/Matriculation ceremony(Where I get to meet Kara & Jen!!!)
51 hrs till the drop off time begins(from 1-3 pm)
About 51 hrs till I drop my Beautiful Andros off for training and pick up adorable Mr. Butler!

I am super excited and super sad.....such the problem with being a puppy raiser.
Enjoy your weekends and think of me....
Madison & Andros
(I will take lots of pictures and do a great post HOPEFULLY Saturday night!)


  1. Best of luck to you and Andros, and give Butler a welcome home kiss from us when you meet him!

  2. Goodbye, Andros! I'll miss you, too. Best of luck in your formal training, and we hope to get lots of updates!!

  3. Good luck!! I cant wait to see pictures of the new little guy!

  4. So exciting and sad at the same time!! But we're sure Andros will do amazing in AT...and can't wait to meet Mr. Butler! :)

  5. Good luck to Andros!
    Can't wait to "meet" Butler:)

    Frankie's trainer

  6. Make us proud Andros! I remember guessing which puppy you were out of the litter!

    And an early welcome home Butler and congrats Madison!

  7. Good luck Andros! I have a feeling he's going to do well! :) Can't wait for Butler! He looks like SUCH a cutie.

  8. Good luck to you and Andros at turn-in! And good luck Andros... from what I can tell he's a pretty awesome dog, so good luck in his future career! And YAY for Butler. Can't wait to meet the little guy!

  9. Have fun and enjoy those last few hours with your mom- good luck at school and make us all proud.


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