Happy Memorial Day!!

Today was a very event filled, yet relaxed Memorial day! The first set of pictures are from the parade we went to this morning. They are from my car as I forgot to take them at the actual parade time! :)

We also went to a party today where Butler had his 1st experience swimming. He did great and is capable of swimming but didn't like it too much. When he got out he was rolling in the grass and it was very funny and cute! He liked the pool but I think will like the lake more! Hope you all had a great Memorial day!

Enjoy the photos,
Madison & Butler


  1. He is soo cute,
    Happy Memorial Day to you!

    Frankie's trainer

  2. Again he is so cute! :)

    Would I be able to get your e-mail address so I could e-mail you? I would love to e-mail you because I love talking to other teen puppy raiser's! :) If not that's fine. I just thought I would ask. :) Have a great day!

  3. Butler is so stylish with his jaunty scarf! Cute photos!

  4. so cute, he looks like a really sweet and laid-back boy!


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