BIG Update!

Part 1: Park with Butler
Last week I took Butler to the park when some friends and I were having lunch. Butler did great, enjoy the photos!

Part 2: Build-A-Bear
During the month of May Build-A-Bears across the country are donating $1 from every sale of their Black/Yellow Labrador, Golden Retriever, and Jack Russel. So yesterday some of us puppy raisers sat outside the build-a-bear in our area to tell people about this event. Last time it raised CCI $60,000. The puppies that came were: Rosemary, Graham, Gibson, and I brought Gilly. There are pictures from the time at build-a-bear, at lunch, at the mattress place, and in the car.

Enjoy the photos,
Madison & Butler
(Graham had Blue GL, Gilly had Fawn GL, an Rosemary has Pink GL)


  1. Madison,

    How did you make your title thing for your blog?? I love it!!!

  2. I love the photos of Butler in the swing! That's really cute:)

  3. Butler is such a handsome little guy! Build a Bear looks like it was fun. :)

  4. What a fun fund raiser. :D I love all the pictures, especially of Butler in the swing. Too cute!

  5. $60K?!? That's awesome. Hope it's as successful this year!

  6. cool! mayve i can get my mom to take me there and then i can get a yellow lab and name it beau! lol :)

  7. cute pictures of Butler. :) Looks like he's more confident out and about than our little girl...enjoy it, lol ;)

  8. Butler is looking good! And all the older dogs are so adorable too! Looks like they did great at the mall. I might just have to ge get a little lab at build-a-bear...

  9. Hey I was in the same circle as you where, but you weren't there when I was! Do you have super secret ninja skills? Carrie won't buy me a lab toy, she said that I have a real live Waffle at home,so why would I want a fake one. But now that I know it is a fun raiser I'll bet she will let me have one now!


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